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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can cooking oil be mixed with motor oil for recycling?

    Unfortunately, no. If you place used motor oil in with used cooking oil, the cooking oil then becomes unusable for recycling. Motor oil collection centers are becoming more popular. Simply do an online search to find collection centers in your state.  

  2. Can you assist with emergency pickups or irregular pickups?

    We can! Lagniappe Grease Recycling provides 24/7 on-call service, so you can give us a call whenever you need us and we’ll be over as soon as possible.

  3. Do you also recycle used cooking oil from homes?

    Lagniappe Grease Recycling offers drop off locations for your home cooking oil disposal. 

  4. Do you provide containers for grease storage, and what sizes are available?

    Lagniappe Grease Recycling provides theft-proof grease containers at no extra cost that are customized to every business’s used cooking oil and grease storage needs.

  5. How can cooking oil be recycled?

    Used Cooking oil can be recycled into a variety of products including:

    • Biofuel
    • Soaps
    • Lubricants
    • Cosmetics
    • Animal feed
    • Fertilizers
  6. How does the grease collection process work?

    Our vacuum truck will arrive at your business location at a regularly scheduled time or on call, as needed, and collect the used cooking oil from a theft proof container on site.    

  7. How frequently do you schedule grease pickup services?

    We schedule regular grease & cooking oil pickups customized to your business’s needs. Also, on-call, quick turnaround pickups are available. 

  8. What areas do you serve? 

    We serve North Louisiana, portions of Eastern and Central Mississippi, and Southeastern Arkansas. Cities such as Bossier City, Crossett, Greenville, Jackson, Monroe, Natchez, Pine Bluff, Ruston, Shreveport, Vicksburg, West Monroe and points in between.

  9. What do the grease pickup services from Lagniappe Grease Recycling include?

    We provide clean theft-proof grease containers to all of our customers at no extra cost, timely grease collection & pickups, and heat pressure washing biannually. 

    Lagniappe Grease is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet all of your needs.

  10. What is the process for setting up grease recycling services for my business?

    Simply call our team at Lagniappe Grease Recycling, 318-538-3074 and we will assist in quickly and efficiently getting you all set up. We know that you have many responsibilities as a business owner or manager, so let us take this one off your plate.

  11. What types of businesses do you pick up grease from for recycling?

    Industries we serve are:

    • Restaurants
    • Gas Stations
    • Schools
    • Bars
    • Casinos
    • Health Care Facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals
    • Convention and Entertainment Centers
    • Any other business that needs cooking oil recycling 
  12. Who should I contact to schedule a pickup? 

    To schedule grease pickup or grease recycling with Lagniappe Grease, simply contact us via phone or our convenient contact form. 

  13. Why is it important to let a grease recycling company pick up your used cooking oil?

    It’s important to partner with a professional grease pickup and recycling company for several reasons. Proper handling of your food waste products ensures the cleanliness of your business, prevents plumbing issues with improper disposal, and promotes environmental sustainability since the grease can be recycled, and helps prevent cooking oil theft! 


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